My day hasn’t ended yet, so this still counts despite being 1am.

Last night, I stayed up with M till 5am, I think it was? He definitely cheered me up, talking to him is amazing, I love it. Needless to say, I barely got any sleep and was pretty tired throughout the day.

I originally woke up just before 8am and kind of lounged around for a bit before getting up. Mom had gone to drop my Sister off at school and had a few errands to do before coming home. Did you know that no one sells 50th birthday stuff anymore? We went to multiple dollar stores, checked places like Walmart, and looked everywhere we could think of with no such luck. It’s strange because just a few months ago, we saw tons of these products in stock. Weird.

The day started off with me helping my Mom when, dundunadun – Cheesecake Queen and Tophat show up! Little miss Queen made cheesecake for Dad’s birthday party, and this is why her nickname has become, “Cheesecake Queen”. They stayed and chatted for a while which was really nice. I needed to do that, see someone other than my family or classmates that don’t talk to me. It’s nice seeing friends, even if just for a while. And I know sometimes I get upset or confused, but I’m pretty sure certain people will always be my friends. I love them. I haven’t even known these people that long but I feel like I’ve known them forever. They’re just those people. No, that’s not derogatory, they’re just those good people that you never find until you find the perfect rock to skip in the river… did that make sense? Probably not…

After the pleasant visit, we continued working on the lasagna. Every year for Dad’s birthday, he always asks for lasagna dinner, and not the store-bought crap either. We make that shit homemade, yo. It took a lot of work too. Mom made the sauce, which on its own took time, Brother grated cheese, I just helped with the layering. My favourite thing about my Mom’s lasagna is the fact that she uses spinache in it. It just totally brings the whole meal together.

Around 2:30, we went to get my Sister. A bunch of weird stuff happened today. After getting my sister, we went to the bank. We were parked in a place that wasn’t exactly a parking spot because the parking lot was full (it’s really small to begin with), and there was a lot of traffic. I mean a lot. While Mom was in there, we noticed this man at the 7-11. Your average, “do you have any change”, rough looking, leather-jacket wearing, hair-a-mess man. I thought he was a bit obnoxious, but he even helped this little Asian lady with the air in her tires, that was kind of sweet. Doesn’t mean my annoyance with him lessened though.

The people we see in Alderhell are really weird. There was an older man dressed like a ghetto person, a girl that looked like she was on crack, a few men that looked like greasers, and a very large man in a Hawaiian shirt wearing socks with his sandals. Yes, I don’t know why, but I do pay this much attention to what I see.

While Mom was in there, I had to move the van because of the aforementioned traffic. Shhh, don’t tell. My supervisor was just invisible at the time, okay?


So we head home. The traffic. Holy unlyrical Batman, the traffic. I remember when this road didn’t have that much traffic. Sure, it’s always been considered a “highway”, but it wasn’t always as busy as it is now. The road was pretty well bumper-to-bumper, even when it shouldn’t have been. I hate driving on that road.

Before going home, we stopped at Chapters so I could get my book: House of Leaves. I’m quite excited to read it, and I’ll be doing so as soon as I get the motivation to read Miss Peregrine the rest of the way.

Back to the house. We had to decorate. I think by this time, Dad started suspecting something was going on. Of course, if the 5 lasagna pans didn’t give it away, he’d be kind of dense, but my Dad is no idiot – in fact, he’s quite intelligent, a genius of sorts too. We tried to keep him out of the house while we were decorating though. He even walked out of the house just to walk around it and look at the front of the house to see if we posted a sign or something saying he was 50 now.

Silly Dad.

We’re waiting and waiting. 6pm rolls around, no one’s there. One man, that W calls “Twinkle-Toes”, had been here since probably noon though. But we’re waiting… 7pm is when people started showing up. Lorraine showed up first – my Mom works with her. Shortly followed by Manwhore and the crew. I’m sure my Dad was happy enough having these people over. Even Metal Beard, our neighbour, showed up. What an awesome name, Metal Beard. His friend came with as well. Then Loud Face and his wife showed up. They were talking about how Leah looks so much like their puppy. It’s kind of freaky how much Leah looks like other dogs. She looks like she’s breeds that she isn’t too, which is kind of weird. We got to talking about dingos even, our dogs have similarities with them which is only, oh, slightly bizarre.

There were a few other people but I don’t remember their names. I don’t know them all that well, so… sorry?!

A little bit later on, Lucky, his girlfriend, and Howard showed up. They were my Dad’s childhood friends, some of them at least. I really like them. Lucky is one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met, to be completely honest with you. And holy crap can that man play guitar. I knew he played, I just wasn’t aware that it was that well. He seems to play in a flamenco kind of style, which is really pretty to listen to. We even got to talking about this place downtown that offers a glimpse into this culture; my sister and I really want to go.

Sometime in this whole mixup, we decided to eat. I’m really tired so my thoughts are all jumbled, I just felt like writing about them before the night was through.

The food was delicious.

Homemade lasagna and garlic bread. Yum.

* * *

M and I talked on the phone for a bit. He fiiiiiiiinally saw The Hobbit! I looooved it! There were issues with the overdone CGI and a few other things in my mind, but it’s The Hobbit, I’m probably going to love it either way. His favourite character was Bombur. I TOLD him it would be. He eats a lot and sleeps (the deciding factor for him was the cheese, M is the cheese-man), and he’s just funny. 

Oh, M…

* * *

Eventually, we were all listening to music and talking and laughing, having a good time. My favourite thing about the whole night was probably the stories though. Oh my goodness, the things my Dad and his friends did as kids… Maybe one day I’ll write about them. I’ve been tempted to write a book titled something along the lines of “The 1001 stories my dad has told me”… Honestly, it would probably be quite a hit, there are so many unbelievable things that has happened to him…

We ended the night with cheesecake, which was beyond delectable, music, and funny stories.

It was nice seeing people again, actually, it was nice seeing my Dad happy for the first time in ages. Not to mention, it was funny as hell to see my Mom drunk. She rarely ever drinks and it was just beyond hilarious.

But now I’m tired and don’t want to write anymore, even though I could have written this blog in so much more detail and blah, blah, blah. I’m sorry, you’ll have to settle with this. This is only a glimpse into my life, not a detailed film!



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