It is officially 9:23pm and I am tired.

I stayed up with M last night till around 8am. The only reason I fell asleep was because of these pills, I call them my poison. They make it really hard to fight sleep. I’m glad I could keep him company, I’d want someone to keep my company if I had to work overnight too.

Becoming more excited. Slowly counting the days. Only, well, we haven’t figured out an exact date, but 100 and some odd days.

I sent a Valentine today. Wow. I haven’t given out Valentine’s Day cards since I was… 11 years old? It’s definitely been a while. M isn’t expecting it, in fact, I wasn’t even sure I was going to send one, but I did. It was pretty cute, it was a bear that, when you opened it, extended it’s arms and said “I love you this much!” Of course, after I sent it, I thought of all the clever things I could have written. That’s okay though.

We don’t really do anything for V-Day. It’s a Hallmark holiday and my view is, why do you need a day to show someone you care? Show them you care every day!

I just couldn’t resist.

Cards are bloody expensive though…

Tomorrow we have a showing!

We’ve been trying to sell our house to move “home.” We call this place home because it’s where we all felt at home, and going back to visit last year only made us want to go back more. Sure, I wouldn’t have friends there, I’d be away from a lot of things… but every day was an adventure there. There were lakes! Real ones, not these crappy man-made ones! I love swimming and the summertime used to be my favourite time because of the beach. I don’t even care that I don’t have the perfect “beach bod”, it was fun. And riding your bike, you didn’t have to worry about being hit by a car (well, less so than in the city), you didn’t have to cross major roads to get somewhere to ride your bike… it’s just beautiful beyond words.






And this isn’t even the best beach, this is actually probably the crappiest one! 

The lake is huge though, there’s over 1,000 miles of shore-line, with depths of almost 300 metres! It’s just such a gorgeous place to spend your time.

While we were up there we even looked at a house. It was thee perfect house. It had more than enough space for all of us, a big yard, it was close to the lake, had fruit trees, a garden area, and the major bonus? Indoor pool. Yep, who’da thunk it? A house in our budget with a pool! But yes. I’d probably be in shape then, I’d be swimming all day, every day, ha! There is just so much to do there. There’s trails and adventure around every corner. It’s definitely a great place if you’re an outdoorsy kind of person. 

One time, we 4x4ed up a mountain… with a minivan.

We even saw a wolverine! Dad made sure all the windows were rolled up when we saw that, those things are vicious!

Needless to say, we’re really wanting to sell this house. The crackheads have become too much to bear and it just isn’t fun here anymore. We want to go home.

I want to go home.


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