Post a Day!

Despite not always doing the daily prompts, I’m still posting every day. It’s my goal to post as often as I can, if not for the reader, for myself. Well, it’s all kind of for myself, this is my blog.

Today on the way to school, we were met by a red light. There was a man in camo pants and combat boots crossing at the crosswalk. I didn’t think much of it ’til I heard the most beautiful tune. He was whistling beautifully; something I’ve never heard before. I know this sounds bizarre, but it was just something I noticed and it made my day that much brighter. I woke up happy (blame M), and that was just… you find the most amazing things in the most peculiar of places. Some may call this dumb – I call it fascinating.

First thing’s first, English class.

Oh, how I dread thee.

I haven’t been doing the greatest and I suppose there’s things even I can learn, so I should really lighten up on myself. I talked to the teacher about the quiz marks because I am one of those that once there’s a test, bam! Freeze up time! Luckily, she said that it would probably be worth 1% of the final mark, if that. All of those quizzes, !% or less… yep, I think I’m in heaven.

I didn’t quite realize that there was a quiz today, in fact, I completely and utterly forgot. As soon as I heard, I scrambled to read the paper. …yeah, I haven’t heard some of these terms in at least 4 years. But I did pretty well considering I didn’t study and it’s been years since reading them! I only got 2 or 3 wrong. I call this an accomplishment considering I didn’t know what I was doing.

We also had to read “The Cathedral” by Raymond Carver the night previous. To be honest, I just skimmed over it, answered what needed to be done, then ended it there. But then I read it in class. I was actually pleasantly surprised. As of late, all of our readings have been quite pessimistic and depressing – “The Lottery” being a big example. A woman being stoned to death by her people? Whatthe-?!

We had to do free writing on the story and I found myself drawn to the questions more than anything. Is the blind man like me? Because he has something that the majority doesn’t, does he see the smaller things in life? The more important things? Does he have a different perspective entirely?

Weird, I know.

Then we ventured to Math class.


I needed to take a test and once it came around, I FROZE. Damn you, test anxiety!

At least, I thought I froze. It turns out I got 78%, which is a B here. Honestly, a B in Math is more than I can ask for, I’m more than happy about that. I’ve been maintaining a B average, and that’s probably the best I’ve ever gotten in the subject, so you know what? I’ll take it!

Soon I’ll be writing the final exam. Time to review.

I also realized today, after staring at the bulletin board every time I walked past it…

I could actually finish high school this semester if I worked my butt off. I only need Math 076 to qualify for my dogwood. I’m at the very end of 062, which means I only have 3 other courses until I’m finished. I’d just have to upgrade to 084 when I wanted to go to university. And I’d really like to have a bit of time off where I’m not stressing because I don’t have my dogwood. Time off where I can just relax because everything is good. So I’m quite excited. I think my goal is attainable, I’ve been known to pull miracles out of my ass, why not start doing it again? It’s really hurtful to know I don’t have my diploma yet, so the faster I can get it, the better. I’ll be 21 soon, for crying out loud!

Tonight is going to be interesting. I’m going to put off on taking this poison, read some more of my book (over halfway, huzzah!), and keep M company as he works his weird hours.

 Also, random side note. I decided to put red lipstick on, it’s in the shade “fearless”. You’d certainly have to be fearless to wear this shade… I’m fierce. Like a tiger. Meee-ow.

Or something rather.


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