Why Does It Have To Be 25%?!

Last night it was incredibly hard to stay awake. Poor M, I kept falling asleep on him and he had to work another 12 hours… overnight, of course. I remember him saying something about a hotel and that was about it. That’s his job though, so that would be cool if he found one!

Today started off kind of slow. I got up, early enough to wear I put that make-up gunk on my face and ate breakfast. I don’t know who else eats apple sauce for breakfast, but my Mommy made it, so… take that.

First thing’s first. Test time. WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE WORTH 25% OF MY MARK?!

I’m in Psychology, and the first little bit of it has been interesting, but not quite what I’d call captivating. I love psychology, regardless, but it seems to be mostly about biology at this point in the game. I like biology too, so that helps, but I think the teacher’s kind of biased on it as he went on to pursue a career in the biological part. This was midterm numero uno. There were about 60 questions and to be honest, I had to make a lot of educated guesses. When it comes to tests, I never just guess, but instead make educated guesses. Example being, say you know what a word means but you can’t understand the sentence entirely… you use that word you understand and you make that your answer… well, if it’s multiple choice. Multiple choice is my best friend. I was just really shocked to know that this midterm was worth 25% of your final grade. Isn’t that a bit, I don’t know, ROUGH? I study, I can study to my heart’s content, non-stop if I wanted, but my brain does NOT like to memorize everything I read. I’m one of those people where something has to really stand out for me to remember it in detail. One psychological thing I’ve remembered for years has to do with the Pavlovian theory, it intrigued me, but it just irritates me because I can stare at my notes, read, rewrite, and read again, and it won’t be implanted in my brain. I know for a fact I got a few of the questions correct, but I’m actually incredibly worried… here’s to hoping for the best!

Usually I get out around 4pm but since it was just the midterm, I got out around 2pm and my Mom picked me up. We went to go get my Sister (yes, I’m putting family names with capitals, this is my blog, go away!). Going to get her is always entertaining, I don’t know why, maybe I was a dog in another life, I love car rides.

My Sister does well in school, but she tries SO HARD. I sometimes wish I had her work ethic. She just keeps going and going and going and going… Don’t get me wrong, I do my homework too, but I still slack off and procrastinate, lol.

My Mom had a funny morning. She gets up quite early for work and on the porch this morning, there was a guest. The cat was sitting there hissing, and at what? A raccoon! A big raccoon! Personally, I love raccoons. I know that they’re dangerous, but they’re cute and just fascinating overall. My favourite raccoon story… we used to live in a house with a pool, and one night, we were sitting out on the deck and we see something. There was a pregnant raccoon! I guess she would come and clean her food in the water and leave. Of course, we went inside when we saw her, but it was very cool to watch.

As if the little guest wasn’t enough for my Mom, as she was standing out at the curb awaiting pick up, a dog started barking at her. Unknowingly, she was trying to shoo it away. …it turned out it was Cobi thinking she was a menace to society or something. And another thing. My Mom’s work is… dramatic, to put it lightly. I’ve seriously considered writing about her daily adventures just because… it could be put into show form and used as a soap opera, it really could. I tell her that all the time. I wish I could randomly attain money and be like, “here, Mom! Now you can quit!” If only, right?

I’m still reading A Clash of Kings. I read like a maniac last night, I’m about a quarter of the way through now, and it’s what some would call a “monstrous book.” I don’t see 1,000 pages as much of a feat, but you definitely feel accomplished when you finish a novel, of any kind. I’ve had to put Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children on hold, I reallllllllly want to finish this novel. As some of you may know, I have a thing for fantasy and sci-fi. As much as I love sci-fi, fantasy is definitely my go-to. It doesn’t matter if it’s a YA (young adult), I actually like some YA’s (despite the crappy romances), fantasy is just… ahhh. Epic fantasies are amazing, and that is definitely what A Clash of Kings is. For anyone that’s read A Game of Thrones, you won’t be disappointed reading the second book in the series. Every chapter is a new character, full of descriptive setting, thoughts and feelings. I know I’m a bit late at reading this series. I had wanted to read them earlier but felt the need to buy them first. Stupid, I know. And I know, the 6th book will be out, or should be, sometime soon, though I wouldn’t count on that. It’s an incredible series though. My favourite characters, by far, are Arya and Tyrion. I’ll say why when I post a review. I could always post one on A Game of Thrones, but we’ll have to see, it might be too late for that one!

I’m still very excited about going to Montreal. Venturing somewhere new, on my own (aka, without family), and seeing Mike are probably two of the greatest things ever. Not that I dislike my family, but doing things without them is fun, you need experiences on your own too. I just can’t wait, I’m anxiously counting the days. I want to start writing in that journal! I want to go NOW!

I should probably stop writing now. I’m sure I could write a novel if I really wanted to. My sister can, and actually is. Hopefully everyone gets a chance to read it some day.



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