Daily Prompt: Musical

January 26th

What role does music play in your life?

Music… my best friend, my everything.

Ever since I was young, music has been a staple in my life. Every waking hour, there is something being played, whether it’s me playing it, me listening to it, or making it up as I’m going along. Really, I sing about nothing, and the rhythms while walking are a song all their own. Music has helped me through a lot in my life. It might be my life.

So many people say that, to the point it’s cliché, but it really has worked its magic at keeping me sane or better yet, alive. I know I’d go insane without it.

Some people listen to this genre or that genre… I listen to almost everything. I listen to pop and metal and rock and classical and everything in between. I’ve been getting into industrial as of late though. I’ve been listening to it for years but it’s been a recent thing where I’ve been listening to it more… blame M for that one.

I took band classes for quite a few years and switched around a few times, but somehow I got lucky and attained the ability to play just about anything I pick up. Maybe not perfectly, but I can. And reading music comes easily too. My only problem is that I’m a perfectionist… and I can hear the pitches. I can tell if your instrument is slightly out of tune, I can tell every time you make a mistake, I can also tell if you’re singing in the same note an octave lower, that’s just how my ears work. Sometimes it gets annoying, but it can be a great skill to have too.

So, what would I do without music? Probably die.

What about you?



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