Is It Really Happening?!

Is it really happening? It’s totally happening! Finally! At last! Happening!

No one knows what I’m talking about…

M. My favourite person in the world. Things are lovely, have I ever told you how much I adore this man? Well, I am totally head-over-heels in love with this man, which can sound strange, considering we’ve never met, but that just adds to the tale. 

As of March, we’ve known each other for 6 years. All of this hasn’t been “romantic” thinking, but it has been for a while. I know he loves me, it’s just a bit confusing. Ever since the Disaster, things have been a bit shaky, but that’s okay, I’m willing to work… No one seems to realize how much work a relationship is. Friendship or other. M and I talk all the time and do as much as we possibly can with each other. Distance definitely strains things, but if you want something, you work for it, plain and simple.

In this 6 years (or almost 6 years), we’ve tried to meet up on multiple occasions. Unfortunately for us, something always ruins those plans. No job, can’t come up with the money, no passport, no this, no that. That’s okay. Things happen, I understand completely, in fact, I’ve had a lot of those problems myself.

M and I are planning on going to Kinetik. It’s a music festival in Montreal. I’ve always wanted to go to Montreal! But more importantly, I’ve always wanted to have M in person. Even if we walk away as nothing more than friends, that’s okay, because I got to spend time with M.

People might find it bizarre: how can you love someone you’ve never met? Well that’s simple really. The heart wants what the heart wants. There’s a lot of back-story, and maybe I’ll write about it one day, but for now, it’s a personal story, that’s all there is to it.

I’m extremely excited for this though. I just… I can’t wait. Not only will I be seeing someone that means so much to me, I’ll be on an adventure, a new kind of adventure I’ve never taken before. I love adventures, how can you live without adventure? I know I couldn’t, I’d go mad.

Has anyone ever taken a bus across the country? It might not be the greatest idea, but not only is it the cheapest, I think it might be the most fascinating. Being able to see all these sights you’ve never seen before… even though it’ll take 3 days…  I think it’ll be a fun experience.

This whole thing will be a fun experience.

Oh, it better happen. I’m so anxious, I want to go now. 

I can’t wait!



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