Daily Prompt: Clean Slate

January 13th

Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?

Where the hell am I?

As I look around, I see a lot of odds and ends; I must be in a bedroom, there is a bed afterall. Aside from a nicely made bed, I look down; hardwood floors, I’ll be sure not to be a ninja, I don’t feel like digging a splinter out of my foot tonight. The floor isn’t too exciting, but it’s best to make sure your feet are on solid ground.

What’s this? What’s this! There’s magic in the air…

I look forward, there’s some kind of tank. Oh my lord, it’s a snake! AHH! Who has a snake in their bedroom?! Don’t they know those things can escape and strangle you and swallow you whole? Didn’t anyone ever watch Anaconda?!?!

I’m gonna chuckle at my crappy joke…

After being a bit spooked, I turn to my right. Alright, a television, nothing fancy there, and there’s some peculiar machines – video games perhaps? Nothing too exciting here.

Behind me, what’s behind me.

Holy lyrical Batman! There are shelves jam-packed with anything you can think of. I see books, I see movies, games, music, random knick knacks; I think that’s a cheshire cat! I think this person spends a lot of time alone, either that or they’re an avid reader, there are a toooon of books – they’re everywhere! And Disney! Disney galore! I haven’t seen these in years! VHS? Who knew anyone still had these! This person must be some sort of geek, I can’t go 2 seconds without seeing something nerdy, even the walls, the walls have, though nice, odd artwork! This one looks like Van Gogh, but it must be something different, what is this blue box?

…well, I think whoever lives here must be a girl. I found makeup and girly earrings, though she doesn’t have much. My kinda gal!

I wonder, what’s in here…

Glowsticks! This is getting cooler and cooler, I even found candles, well there were other candles, but I know these ones are for camping! They’re to keep the mosquitoes at bay, those pesky buggers. And Crayola markers! Wait, a dinosaur colouring book!? How old is this person? It seems like she spends a lot of time alone… homework sprawled on the bed, I didn’t see that before…

Wait… should I be going through this stuff?

Well, I guess it’s alright, someone did lock me in here, after all.

…the door isn’t locked. …oops… I’m just gonna… sneak away… slowly…


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