Daily Prompt: 1984

January 9th

You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room.

As I inhale, the air chokes me. I can’t breathe. I open my eyes.


I call out… no response. I’m alone, utterly so.

The air smells musty, kind of like old mould.

I try to focus my eyes; I scan the room, looking for any sort of illumination, any at all, but there is none to be found. I find my breath to be rapidly escalating, I’m looking around, searching; there has to be a light switch somewhere! Anywhere… oh, please, let there be light…

I feel something graze against my arm. I jump.
What was that?!

I hear movement, things scuttling in the darkness. Perhaps I’m not as alone as I once thought.

It’s cool, it’s damp, it’s dark, there are echoes of something, or someone, being dragged across the floor. I’m afraid.


I found the light switch! …I really wish I hadn’t…

I find myself surrounded… I let out a blood-curdling scream.

Everywhere, they’re everywhere! They’re crawling up my pant legs, they’re in my hair, they’re on the walls, crawling over one another on the floor, dangling from the ceiling.

Shortness of breath, my body becomes hot, my vision becomes blurred… I’m having a panic attack.

They’re everywhere, their fine hairs prickling my skin, their fangs dowsing through my skin… spiders. Spiders everywhere. First the darkness, now this! Oh woe is me!

I close my eyes, praying, begging for an escape… I clench them shut and I cry and cry.

They’re drinking me dry, they’re killing me, ever so slowly; torture…

I want this to end, please let it cease!

I continue begging and crying, slapping and shoeing as much as I possibly can, they just never stop coming.

They’re spinning me in their web, they just continue to spin and spin; I think they intend on having me for dinner! I can’t stop them, they’re too fast, and the numbers outweigh anything I could ever do. I’m becoming dizzy and light-headed. Why is this happening…

What feels like a millennium goes by…

At last, I awaken in fright, in agony. I’m surrounded, by darkness once more. Feeling tingles all over my body, I begin slapping; this’ll show these nasty buggers!

All alone again.

Somehow, I survived.

I’m petrified of spiders and darkness, as well as abandonment.

These kinds of dreams are the worst, where they combine all of your biggest fears and throw them in a pot, allowing it to boil over, exploding, taking over your senses, your feelings, your mind.

I know this wasn’t about dreams, but I figured I’d make it as such. If this really happened to me, I’d probably die.


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