The Hobbit


For anyone that knows me, you know I love The Hobbit. It has been my favourite book since I was 9 or 10 years old and I had been waiting for the movie for well over a year. Well, I finally saw it.

My favourite character from the movie? Radagast. Though he wasn’t there in the book, I was a little bit confused when I saw that at first, but it turned out pretty well. M actually got me an autograph from the man that plays Radagast! He was also the 7th Doctor. Doctor Who and LoTR are probably my two favourite things. M was actually wonderful to me for Christmas, I think my favourite thing he gave me was a necklace that’s a replica that Arwen wore (again, Lord of the Rings); I wear it every day.

Back to the point.

I was surprised how well they tried to stick to the book. There were points where I was like, “it didn’t happen that way!” and I was sitting there with a “wtf” face, but it worked quite well. I liked how they kept the songs from the novel as well.

The way they did things wasn’t perfect though. The creatures… sometimes they had rendering issues almost, and it was, at times, “overly-animated”, but really, I won’t complain, they brought my childhood to life in a way that made sense to them, and it turned out beautifully, just like the Lord of the Rings movies. I still don’t know why they had to drag out a tiny book into 3 hours for one part of a three-part movie though.

I didn’t like how the Goblin King looked. Actually, I didn’t like how some of the dwarves looked either, they looked more man-like than dwarven. And obviously, my imagination is different than the movie, so it was kind of bizarre at points.

Overall, I loved the film (I thought I would anyway, lol). I can’t wait to see the other two parts, despite having to sit there for 3 hours, I can’t wait!

It was just a good movie, and it was nice to see Hat, Choker and Tim again.

I think I might have made a mistake. Sometimes when I get tired, I forget to think and I just blurt things out, sometimes they don’t even make sense. I really hope M changes his mind because I really, really, really want to see him. Now that I’m clear-minded again, I don’t know why I worried to begin with. I’d drop anything to see him! School? Pfft, one day isn’t going to hurt me, duh, S! So I really hope he changes his mind.

I just want to make him happy.

Honestly, I want this year to be amazing. I want this year to signify change and change for the better. I have a lot of work to do, and I know I do, things have gotten better, but it’s probably 80% along, pills don’t fix everything, it takes a lot, lot, lot of work.

I need to find a magical cure.

♥ I just want my M. ♥


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