Missing Dog


Meet Cobi.

Cobi is a wonderful, gentle beast that we adopted close to 6 years ago. He is super friendly, loves people, loves other dogs and always comes back.

Last night, around 4:30pm, we let him out to go pee. He usually goes for a walk around the block after he does his business and comes right back. We live in a neighbourhood where it’s not so disconcerting to have him wander. But again, he always comes back.

After we realized what time it was, which was probably around 7 o’clock, we started getting worried. He’s always around. He’s so quiet that sometimes you don’t even notice he’s there, so it wasn’t unusual. We called and we called and he never came.

Yesterday I was just thinking, “what kind of sick bastard would steal a dog?” Especially this close to Christmas. Then I remembered where the methadone clinic was.

Today, a friend told my mom that he was at the pound which automatically relieved us, but it may or may not be him. We can’t find the papers to prove he’s ours, so we had to send pictures dating back and back to see if it’s the same dog.

Leah’s been really upset. I’ve been upset. The whole family (including W) has been upset!

We just want our Cobi home.




We found him and he was bailed out of doggy-jail! We’re incredibly happy to have him back home!


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