First Time for Everything

As of the 21st, Leah will be 10 months old.

This will be her first Christmas.


 (she’s wearing a ribbon and a hat)

I’m almost as bad as those new moms that dress their children up in frilly clothes to go take pictures with Santa. Though, there was a cool ad in the newspaper for having your pet get a picture with Santa. Leah goes crazy and wants to play with every dog she meets though, so it probably wouldn’t have been a good idea. And I’m not too sure how they’d feel about a snake around Santa’s neck…


(this is her in another hat, the weird snowflake-poinsettia-things light up)

I wonder how my Leah-bean is going to react. So far, she hasn’t tried to pee on or eat the tree, so that’s a good sign, right? Right?!



  1. My wife and I have given up on trees for the time being. Our cats won’t leave them alone no matter what we do. Alas, that’s just how it has to be for now. Hopefully they will mellow with age and we’ll get to have trees again soon.

    • Gosh, hopefully they do calm with age! It’s kind of silly how cats find trees in the house to be so intriguing, lol.
      When I was younger, our cat would always play with and eat the tinsel, so we had to avoid it for many, many years. And worse yet, we have trees inside year round, and my cat would pee on them when he couldn’t make it outside!
      I hope you and your wife manage to have a tree in the next few years!

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