Major News

My nana passed away in October of 2009. Ever since then, I’ve had terrible writer’s block.

I used to write everything, poetry mostly, but my whole life was writing and music. After my nana passed away, I had so much to say, but I couldn’t get any of it out. Writing had been my way of coping and dealing with the pains of life, but I lost it. And I really did go crazy, and I think a big part of it was because I didn’t have means of expression anymore.

Tonight was the first night in over 3 years that I managed to write a poem.

A real poem.

And while I’ll never share my poetry on the internet, out of fear of, well, lots of things, I’m really happy. Well… considering I wrote again, in other aspects, it could be better, I need M, he’s the only one that can cheer me up when I’m like this, but lol.

I hope this lasts.


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