First time in MONTHS!

Yesterday, I ended up hanging out with some friends. I haven’t seen anyone since… August?  Needless to say, it’s been a while. At first, it felt really, really awkward. I didn’t belong. There was my long-time friends like Tim and J, but I got to meet new people too! I guess I’ll call them Hat and Choker! (what weird names they have to have…)

I normally don’t get along with people.


They were ridiculously nice though. I have such a hard time meeting people, but it all went really well. Super, super nice people. I had a great time! At one point in the day there was 6 people other than myself! T and G came over. I’d never met G but I’d heard tons about him. G is T’s boyfriend, I’ve known T since probably 8 or 9th grade; haven’t seen her in years.

Overall, it was a pretty good night. I’d do it again. Meeting like-minded people is always fun.

Learning about Hat and Choker’s relationship made me smirk to myself though. They’re married and their story is so cute. It reminds me a lot of myself and M, only, I’m not married, lol. The more I was around them, the more I wished M was closer.

Speaking of M, bloody customs! Seriously, USA! I’m not smuggling contraband!

M’s birthday is the 26th, I sent his package on the 16th… the tracking information says it’s still in customs. They just like taking their sweet time, so unfortunately, I don’t think he’ll be receiving it on time. As long as he gets it though, I’ll be happy. I did the absolute dorkiest thing ever for him, so he really better get it… now just to figure out what to get for Christmas. Oh boy, Christmas, that’s coming up quick too!

On another note, I don’t think I’ll ever finish school. At this rate, I want to cry.

My high school completely screwed me over. Throughout my years, I was being tormented. Not bullied. Tormented. Emotionally, physically – every day was a living hell. I ended up dropping out, twice, and as intelligent as I am (I have to be proud of SOMETHING!), I still haven’t managed to get my diploma.

Aside from doing nothing for me, they screwed up my transcripts, so badly I can’t even recover from it. There was a year I got 100% in English (actually, with all the correct extra work, it would’ve been more than that!), and on my exam I got 100%. You’d think my transcripts would mirror that, but no, instead, my English mark somehow became that of around 65%. Even if I completely bombed my exam, my mark would never drop that low, so I’ve been sitting in confusion these past few years, and I’ve been hurt because I worked my butt off to get such good marks! I still have the report cards to prove it too!

Well, throw that aside, they still won’t send my transcripts to the university… and I NEED them so I can get my grade 12.

I’ve been doing pretty well in my one class, 100’s and 90’s all throughout. First Nations studies is such an interesting course! I’ve learned so much, even things I didn’t think existed. For example, Canada tried to use a form of genocide to destroy the Natives. I wasn’t even aware of the problem smallpox caused, well, I knew, but I didn’t understand what exactly was happening, not to the extent I understand now.

But it’s not my “average” classes I’m worried about. My math class… it’s more like CLASSES. There’s 6 or 7 courses to get through to fully attain the “grade 12”. I’ve finished 2 so far, and I’m terrible at math, so it’s going to take me a while. Hopefully it goes quicker than I hope.

Screw that, if I win the lottery, we’re going to Disneyworld.

I want to meet Goofy. I’ll drag M to meet Goofy with me! 😀


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